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Coach Paul Duncan: How to determine your threshold heart rate

A follow-up to his article on heart-rate zones, coach Paul Duncan of QT2 Systems explains how to determine your heart rate zones by establishing your threshold heart rate.

4 top tips to build more power on the bike

  Interested in building more power on the bike this year? The early season is a great time to work on […]

Coach Paul Duncan: The benefits of solo training

Do you prefer training alone or with partners? Both have their pros and cons. Training with a group or a […]

Coach Paul’s tips for bouncing back from disappointing workouts

As triathletes, we tend to be people that aim high in all aspects of our life. We train for perfection in […]

Heart rate zones defined

Coach Paul Duncan’s guide to HR zones and how to use them in training and racing.

Coach Paul Duncan’s guide to racing in the heat

In-depth tips for fuelling, pacing and drinking in the heat so you can execute your warm-weather race to plan this year.

Workout Wednesday: Race pace bike intervals from coach Paul Duncan

With race season quickly approaching for most athletes, it’s time to start dialing in some race pace intensity. Here is […]

Coach Paul Duncan: The basics of fuelling for longer workouts

An in-depth guide from QT2 coach Paul Duncan.

Coach Paul Duncan: The key to a successful coach-athlete relationship

In this week’s blog, Coach Paul Duncan of QT2 Systems explains how trust and communication in a coach-athlete relationship can help you […]

Workout Wednesday: Sprint pyramid intervals to stay fit this winter

Coach Paul Duncan’s challenging and stimulating sprint pyramid workout for the trainer or outdoors to keep fitness up in the winter months.