Easy runs are about paying attention to technique

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Here’s what you should be focusing on during your easy runs

Small and inexpensive gift ideas for triathletes

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Christmas is a time for holiday parties and social time with friends and if you’re like me, many of your friends are triathlon enthusiasts or athletes of some sort. Finding good gifts that fit […]

The top 5 open water skills you need to master 

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We’ve summarized the five skills that are most important to master in the open water.

Workout Wednesday: Swimming stamina, speed and strength

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Triathletes with weaker swimming ability can find new motivation for swim training knowing that more swim fitness will also improve their bike and run splits. If the swim legs takes less energy, you set yourself […]

Riding on rollers: Tips and workout Ideas

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Improve your cycling technique with Melanie McQuaid’s tips and workout ideas for indoor training on rollers. What’s the difference between training on rollers and a bike trainer? Rollers work on your spinning as you’re required […]

Melanie McQuaid: How triathlon can draw more women

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“Can you figure out a way to position triathlon as their (women’s) next great challenge?” Ironman CEO Andrew Messick asked at the Triathlon Business International Conference earlier this year. He was suggesting that the […]

Melanie McQuaid: Breaking down perceived effort for better performance

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  The first time I learned about the Borg Scale of Perceived Effort was when I went down to take part in a Powertap training camp with Allen Lim in Temecula, California. Along with […]

Tisseyre’s victory in Brazil kicks off her “Mighty Mags World Tour”

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Melanie McQuaid chats with 2016 Ironman 70.3 South American Championship winner Magali Tisseyre.   After eight years racing on the Ironman 70.3 circuit, Magali Tisseyre decided she wanted to shake things up a bit. “I […]

Melanie McQuaid: Why Canadian triathletes should race upcoming championships in Penticton

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The name Penticton comes from an Interior Salish First Nations word meaning “a place to stay forever”. The small town of Penticton boasts every advantage for a great life: beautiful scenery, year-round outdoor recreation, […]

Sanders and Wurtele: Canadians on hot winning streaks

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Melanie McQuaid talks to Heather Wurtele and Lionel Sanders about their early season winning streaks after taking their second titles  Ironman 70.3 California, or simply “Oceanside” as its known to many,  is often dubbed the “spring […]