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Job opening: Social Media Specialist

Join our Team! We’re looking for a candidate with 1 -2 years of experience as a Social Media specialist. Excellent […]

Triathlon growth in China // Vlog 148

I recently had the chance to race in China at the Changsha Wangchen International Triathlon. This is a second year […]

Smarter trainer workouts: One for the grunge fans

Pull out your tattered flannel and start putting together a playlist that will have you reminiscing back to the days […]

New Year, New MAP

With the turning of the calendar, we’re all told to make new resolutions, given tips on how to keep those […]

Bike review: Cervélo S5

Fast, and then some –
the new Cervélo S5, the company’s flagship aero road bike

Smarter Trainer Workouts: This one is type 2 fun

I hope you have some free time this weekend because you’re going to want to set aside some time for […]

Smarter Trainer workouts: A slow boil with sweet spot training

Well, it was certainly a doozy this morning. It was back to sweet spot efforts this time around with more […]

Tacx Neo Smart trainer

An advanced trainer that can simulate bumpy surfaces, tough gradients and downhills to immerse you in your indoor riding experience

Smarter Trainer workouts: Raise your power with a Tabata workout

Waking up to see zone 6 efforts in your planned workout is always a bit intimidating. Those type of efforts […]

Review of the CycleOps H2 Smart Trainer

Quiet, easy to setup and store, take your indoor training to another level with the CycleOps H2