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Training talk: Use self-perceptions to produce success

How you view yourself as a triathlete can help produce better results.

Running research: No, running won’t ruin your knees

Research continues to show that running actually provides protective benefits to the long-term functioning of the knee.

Under Armour’s SpeedForm Slingshot aims to defy the limits of speed

Under Armour has got into running in a big way and their SpeedForm Slingshot delivers with an extremely lightweight trainer […]

Your perception of pain might be making your muscles hurt more

Feeling sore after that workout? It could come down to your thinking. Last month at the American College of Sports Medicine […]

Hyponatremia: When drinking too much water becomes dangerous

Drinking plenty of water is good for you right? Well, just like anything, there’s such a thing as going overboard. […]

Hot or cold: How the temperature of your pre-workout drink could affect performance

Having a super chilled iced coffee right before heading out for a hot and humid ride or run is an obvious good choice, right? Well not according to some surprising new science on the subject.

Make these pace-specific adjustments on your run to cope with hot conditions

With the bulk of the race season falling in July and August, Canadian triathletes are all to familiar with training and […]

Why an over-reliance on recovery may actually do harm

Recovery is an essential part of the training process, but “too much of a good thing” isn’t a smart idea.    We […]

Beat the heat with these proven but rather unusual cooling events

— By Dan Way Why is riding or running in the heat so hard? The reason you struggle during a hot, […]

High-fat Mediterranean diet linked to weight loss

You probably already knew that following a Mediterranean diet was considered good for your health. But did you also know […]